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In June of 2009 Matt Massie went into kidney failure at the age of 23. After 16 months of receiving hemodialysis, Matt was blessed with a kidney transplant from an anonymous donor in October of 2010.  To the shock of his family, friends and transplant team alike, the new transplant kidney failed due to surgical complications and had to be removed in August of 2011. For the past two years, Matt has once again found himself undergoing dialysis.

We are continuing to spread word of Matt's need for a kidney transplant.  He is currently on the waiting list for a kidney from a deceased donor, but this can take many years.

Dialysis is not a permanent treatment option. 
Ideally, Matt will be able to find a kidney from a living donor for a couple reasons:

  •  Matt is young and may require another transplant at some point in his life. One of the unfortunate side effects of the life-long anti-rejection medications that transplant recipients must take is that they can actually damage the kidneys. In order to make each transplant last as long as possible we hope to find another living donor since the long term outcomes are much greater than those of a deceased donor organ. 

  •  It is also important that the transplants last as long as possible because finding a "match" becomes more difficult each time.  Finding a "match" for Matt consists of finding another person with a compatible blood type and level of antibodies/antigens.  Antibodies are ultimately what cause organ rejection.  Each person already has a certain amount of them as they are the part of the immune system that fight off anything they don't recognize as belonging to the body, which in this case would be the organ donor's antigens.  Each time a person receives a transplant or blood transfusion, he develops more antibodies.  Matt has already had both so his blood is now more complicated than before his first surgery, and will become moreso with each subsequent one.   

 If you are interested in receiving information about becoming a living or paired kidney donor for Matt, please contact:

Linda Willey 612-625-2186
Margaret Voges 612-625-2187
Living Donor Coordinators
University of Minnesota Transplant Center

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our family.
Jaimee (sister) -  jaimee34@gmail.com
Rachel (sister) - rachelmsoto@gmail.com

 You can also visit the "How You Can Help" page of this website for more information about the ways in which you can support him in having another chance at a dialysis-free, healthier life.  

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